The first phase of the restoration of the former building of the Egyptian Embassy (Sanei House)

the employer
Tehran city beautification organization
Implementation date 1395

First they said that the house belongs to Kashif al-Sultaneh (the father of Iranian tea), after rejecting this assumption and finding new documents about the house, they considered the mansion attributed to him to be something similar to the house of “Mohsen Moghadam” whose owners (Manochehar and Hoshang Sanei) through Their interest had bought different old decorations and installed them in different parts of the house. The exquisite tiling and accessories of this house have been looted over time, so that in the near future, it will be destroyed by the owner of the building. A house that was rented by the office of the protector of Egyptian interests in Iran before the Egyptian revolution, but after the Egyptian revolution, this building was evacuated and abandoned. At this stage, the operation of removing extensions and emergency restoration was carried out.