Preparing maps of the current situation and revitalizing the former house of Parvin Etesami in Tehran (West Block)

The employer
Private sector
Implementation date 1398

The historical house of Parvin Etisami, which according to local statistics is more than eighty years old, is located in the neighborhood of the old mosque of Abdul Nabi Nouri. This building is important from a historical-cultural point of view and reminds of the architecture of the late Qajar period (integrated architecture) where we see the influence of Western neoclassical architecture in the traditional architecture left over from the Safavid era. This house was divided into three parts over time. Its eastern part is owned by ICOMOS (International Council of Buildings and Historical Sites) and the central part of this building was registered in the list of national monuments under number 14619 in the summer of 2014. Documenting and preparing the revitalization plan of the western part was also included in the agenda of this company and it was completed.