Documenting and restoration plan for the tilework of the rack dome of Azadi Tower

The employer
Municipality of Oshan, Fashm and Migun
Implementation date 1397-98

Mozafari Oshan Palace belongs to the Qajar period and is located in the Rudbar Qasran region of Shemiranat city. This historical work was registered as one of the national works of Iran on October 1, 2002 with registration number 10390.

The structure of the extroverted building has been built, and around it, on the first and second floors, a porch has been considered, with square and round columns next to each other to bear the load of the floors.

The second floor of the building has round columns, the main foundation of which is made of wood and covered with plaster. These columns are installed in threes in the four corners and have stucco decorations on the heads of the columns.

In the eastern and western fronts of the building, two entrance doors are installed in the shape of a semi-circle and its curve is towards the outside. The height of the floor of the porch and the first floor from the yard around the building is about 120 cm. After passing 5 steps, you enter the porch of the first floor and then a corridor that extends in the east-west direction.

Following the blocking of the western entrance door of the building during the renovation of recent years, a connecting staircase to the second floor was built from the end of the middle corridor on the west side of the building, and after reaching the foot of the middle floor, the staircase turned into two branches, right and left, and from both You can get to the second floor.

On the second floor of the building, there is a general room on the south side and two rooms on the north side.

The main materials used in the building are brick, plaster mortar, mud and wood.